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All new buildings in the UK require a temporary structure that is erected to help workers at the construction site. Scaffolding is necessary when constructing a building about 1.5 m above the ground to help lift workers and building materials. 

People who erect these materials are known as Scaffolders Tenterden Kent. We will discuss what the scaffolding procession entails, the benefits of being one in the UK, their salary rates and other important information you need to know about them. 

Who is a scaffolder?

They are a Construction worker that builds and creates temporary structures used regularly at building sites. The structures created by them allow other construction workers like plumbers, bricklayers and electricians at an elevated level. 

They are important personalities in the construction industry because many site workers require their expertise to work on oil rigs, storeys and guard rails. In the UK, you aren’t required to have any formal education, however, it is better to have at least GCSEs in English and mathematics.

Also, having at least a B in technical subjects helps, especially when working for top firms in the UK. Many new one’s started as labourers before they acquired the skills to become capable workers. 

Though formal education isn’t compulsory, there are many construction lessons where you can learn how to become a full worker. Most of these apprenticeships take about 12 to 18 months for you to become certified and employed on site. 

Every one in the UK must register with the Construction Industry Scaffolders Tenterden Kent Record Scheme (CISRS) and get their Card to be able to work anywhere in the UK. 

Requirements needed to become one

They should have some basic skills like:

Be comfortable with heights

To become a successful one you must have a good eye for height and not be afraid to climb. Those with height phobias cannot work in a scaffolding company. 

Be Strong and Agile

Since your day-to-day activities will mean creating scaffold materials, you will need to have some level of strength to be successful. Scaffolding requires time and strength to become a professional. You will be moving heavy equipment therefore you need your strength.

Excellent balance and sure-footing

You must be balanced with your feet and not feeble. They are required to be good with his feet and sure-footed. This is important to enable him to stay stable while attaching the scaffolds. 

Have technical knowledge of construction tools and equipment

Since you will be working at construction sites, you will need to have some knowledge of construction tools. The technical skills is needed to detect any technical defect 

Ability to work with others

The safety of other construction workers depends on them, therefore you must be able to work well with them. Cooperation with other workers is important for better productivity and easy discharge of duties. 

Responsible and dependable 

They should be dependable because most people count on his knowledge when working on sites. They must also adhere to safe working practices. 

Scaffolders duties in the UK

Though the duties are guided by their construction work, they have some core tasks which they are expected to fulfil. 

Attach scaffolds to higher structures

They have to create a secure scaffold that will be connected to a higher structure. They are expected to set anchors, integrate cross braces, ladders and other vital safety materials at different heights. This must be done following the National safety regulations. 

Manage transportation of heavy construction materials

How site materials can be hoisted and dismantled is a core duty. This must be done in an organized way as they are expected to know every construction worker’s next move. They usually work with crane drivers to properly move rig types of equipment to different platforms. 

Assembling of building piping systems

They are known to help in gathering pipe fittings and spools. This they do in conjunction with the welders. Pipe scaffolding is a popular system used in hotel renovation, and building construction.

Regular inspection and maintenance duties

They are expected to check all equipment at the site and give daily updates to your supervisor. Also, all injuries sustained by workers must be reported to the supervisor.

Accurately interpret structure blueprints

They must know how to interpret building designs and use data from sketch drawings and job orders. They will also need to tender time cards and other required building information. 

Dismantling scaffolding when work is done

They are entrusted with dismantling planks and scaffolds when projects are completed. Scaffolders Tenterden Kent will detach all structures and move them away so that other works can be completed. 

Creating several scaffolding platforms

They will make various building platform’s from simple scaffolds to complex designs which includes cantilever drops, and suspended scaffolds. He or she is given the task to make necessary scaffolds so that other workers can function easily. 

Education and Training

While there isn’t a minimum education needed to be one in the UK, some employers want people who have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and candidates who are knowledgeable about the Federal Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). 

Most people want them with at least a year of experience in construction work. However, many firms are willing to train applicants without prior experience. 

Salary and Outlook in the UK

According to the Bureau of labour statistics (BLS), the average yearly wage is £34,550. The least experienced will earn nothing less than £22,678. 

The top-earners are expected to earn about £62,980. It is expected that scaffolding jobs will grow 15% through 2025 which is quicker than most construction jobs. 

Full-Time Scaffolders Tenterden Kent who are staff of major construction companies get excellent benefits and commissions. These benefits include HMO, health insurance and fully-paid vacation. 

They are highly respected people in the UK and well-paid depending on where you work. As long as you register with the competent regulators and adhere to recommended safety guidelines, it’s a good job in the country.